Services for Partner Organizations

Community Outreach

Trees Foundation produces a quarterly news publication, Forest & River News, which highlights the work of our Conservation & Restoration Partners. Each edition features regular columns with up-to-date information about their projects and helps to keep our communities, donors and foundations alike informed and educated about important conservation work being done and how to support it.

Donor Advised Program

Through our Donor Advised Program, Trees Foundation administers and distributes donations and grant funding to our Conservation & Restoration Partners. The Donor Advised Program was established to provide community members and individual donors the ability to award tax-deductible donations and grants to conservation and restoration projects of their choice while remaining “in the background” or anonymous if desired. The donor-directed fund can be tailored to meet the specific interests, goals, and financial abilities of each donor and is then administered on their behalf.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Trees Foundation provides non-profit fiscal sponsorship services for conservation & restoration projects and organizations that meet our mission statement and guidelines. Fiscal sponsorship allows groups to receive tax-deductible donations and grant funding for their work without having to incorporate and become their own 501 (c)(3) non-profit entity. Trees Foundation administers the funds, ensures that grant guidelines and goals are achieved, and reports to both the funders and the IRS. This service allow groups to put their efforts and funds toward the projects they are working on without each group needing to maintain a bookkeeper, tax accountant, or board of directors.

Graphic Design & Publications

Trees Foundation provides custom graphic design services for our Conservation & Restoration Partners and produces public outreach and educational materials, such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • Event Programs, Posters, & Flyers
  • Pamphlets, Brochures & Business Cards

GIS Mapping

Trees Foundation provides Geographical Information System (GIS) technical equipment and a GIS Mapping Coordinator who works with our Conservation and Restoration Partner Groups to meet their specific GIS needs. Trees Foundation produces GIS conservation maps and products, which cover areas as broad as the entire north coast of California or as specific as the sub-watershed of a geographic area. These maps are used for education, environmental planning, ecological analysis, and advocacy work.

Resource Center & Staff Consultations

Trees Foundation’s office is a resource center for conservation and restoration partner projects and provides:

  • Workspace, desks, and office equipment including computers, printers, phone & fax
  • Loaner equipment including projectors and a laptop

Staff Consultations include budget creation, grant submissions, bulk mailings, fundraising events, and more.

Website Outreach & Donations

We maintain an individual page for each of our Conservation & Restoration Partners which describes their work, provides their contact and branding information, and links to their current individual websites and/or projects. We also process and administer online donations on behalf of our partner organizations, passing 100% of each gift to the organization without subtracting any fees.

More Information & Applications

Contact us to learn more about any of our programs or services. Use the forms below to apply for Partnership and/or Fiscal Sponsorship.